Monday, August 25, 2008

Women of Faith

Friday night, I was at the Women of Faith conference here in Dallas at the AA Center with a group of women from New Hope Church. Nicole Johnson got up there to do another dramatic presentation centered around moms and portraying our lives like a three-ring circus. I'm still trying to process some of it because I know it hit me pretty hard, emotionally. I wish someone had it on utube or something like that so I could post it here, but it was exceptional, spoken directly, so I thought, to me.

I found this one online that I had seen at a previous WOF conference, and I wanted to share it for any mom/grandmother out there who might be feeling a little invisible or unnoticed.

First Day of School

I SO forgot to take pictures!

I got three children in the car (Jacob, Becca and Nate) to leave for school at 7:00AM this morning!!! Their backpacks, school supplies (since they were forgotten at meet-the-teacher night while I was at Women of Faith), lunch boxes, and each child fully clothed including shoes made it into the van, but unfortunately the camera did not--and I wasn't going back.

***I would talk about the parking lot issues here, but that will have to be another time. ;) We were lucky to be able to get out of the car where we parked--lucky to get OUT of the parking lot altogether!***

Everyone was so excited to go back to school--even Nate brought his lunch box into the elementary school as I took Jacob and Becca to their new classes. Jacob is in the 3rd grade this year and Becca is starting Kindergarten and is probably one of the oldest in her class since I held her back last year. Once the Kindergarten parent orientation (boohoo/yahoo) was over, I drove Nate over to his new class at Mothers Day Out. He REALLY wanted to go back to his old class with Mrs. Waffa and was quite disappointed when I reminded him that he would be in Miss Stacy's class because he was a "big boy" now (you have to be potty-trained to go to Miss Stacy's class). After a big hug from Mrs. Waffa, he walked in with a little pout on his lips into his new class room but was soon engrossed in the little green tractor and farm set on the floor. He hardly said good-bye! He's just going on Mondays this semester because of the new Thursday Bible study that will be starting in September.

Kate, the luckiest 11 year old around (here), didn't have to be at school until 8:15AM, so Gabriel drove her over and dropped her off for school sometime around 7:45AM or 8AM.

It has been several months since I've had an entire day all to myself. The Lord is good! :) I/they made it!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Beth Moore Bible study

Hi ladies!

I just wanted to send out a quick invitation to each of you who live nearby for a women's Bible study starting in September. I will be facilitating it with several small group leaders for the small group discussion time.


What: Living Beyond Yourself by Beth Moore
(topic--fruits of the Spirit)

Where: New Hope Church, Wylie, TX

When: Thursdays at 9:30AM to 11:30AM starting 9/11/08

Who: Any woman in Wylie or surrounding area who would like to attend is welcome

Cost: Workbooks are $15.00 Other: We are offering child care by reservation (small donation requested)

If you know you would like to participate, please let me know so that I can reserve a workbook (and child care if needed) for you! Also, feel free to shoot me any questions or comments you might have--would love to hear from you! My e-mail is

Many blessings,


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Becca's birthday party

Happy Birthday, Becca!
Our little Becca has now turned 6! She thought she didn't actually become 6 until she had her party, so now she REALLY is SIX!

Nate couldn't wait for the cake and of course he had to help Becca open all her wonderful gifts. :)

Here, Becca and her friends are playing animal charades. What was Becca? A Lizard!

I would have thought Jacob would have been able to get the topping on the ice cream cone better than the smaller children, but I think he got it on George's nose instead! Jacob also helped us out by being our party DJ for all our fun children's songs.

Kate helped out so much even though she wanted to be a "party pooper." She had some not-so-flattering pictures from the party that I thought probably shouldn't appear for just anyone to see, so I'm adding a pic I took of her last Friday.

I'm really happy Becca had a good time, and I think her friends did, too, but I'm glad to be able to rest up a bit before Nate's 4th birthday comes along!